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for "new day." kate, thanks for all the great coverage from london and for mickey and me back in new york, thanks so much for watching. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. cheerio, carol. >> yes, cheerio, and good morning to you all. have a great day. happening now in the newsroom. the buzz over the baby, breaking new details this morning direct from the hospital. william and kate and the birth of a prince as the world watches and waits for a name. moment of impact, amazing new pictures this morning as a plane's landing gear collapses. the fiery crash and the terrifying moments and the question, what went wrong? security fiasco. the pope's visit to brazil marred by a bomb plot, a wrong turn, and barricaded by gridlocked traffic. new concerns this morning in a country notorious for crime.
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is the pope safe? caught on camera, divers off the california coast almost devoured by two humongous hump-back whales. wow. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning to you. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. this is a 41-gun salute in honor of the prince being born at st. mary's, and we'd like to welcome to our american audience and viewers from around the world. so much for that legendary british reserve from london to liverpool, brits celebrate the birth of a future king. big, bold headlines scream the news across british newspaper "the daily telegraph" announcing somewhat cheekily the baby was heir at last.
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the guardian used eight words to capture the story and its magnitude, a birth, a boy, a prince, a king. max foster at st. mary's hospital where crowds are hoping for an appearance from the royal family and our kate bolduan is at buckingham palace. in the village of bucklebury, possibly one of the first stops for the royal couple. right now, celebrations echoing across london, as i told you, church bells are ringing, dozens of shots are being fired in salute to the new baby prince at the tower of london, 62 rounds are being fired.
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[ gun salutes ]
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[ gun salutes ]
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[ gun salutes ]
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just to tell you what you're seeing here, 62 rounds being fired from the canons in honor of the prince being born. simultaneously in green park the troops unleashing 41 rounds and the bells of westminster abbey will ring for three hours in keeping with royal tradition. that's where they were married. kate bolduan joins us live from buckingham palace. can you hear it? >> i don't know how you can't hear it, carol. green park, as you mentioned, just one of the places, one of
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the locations where this ceremonial gun salute is happening and it's right over my left side. and everyone can hear it and it seems this clearly doesn't happen every day, but these gun salutes, they are a sign of respect, they are a way of welcoming and, obviously, a show of celebration. it's interesting, carol, i was talking to kate williams, the royal historian, just earlier and she was saying, and this makes sense when you think about it. this is also the way the gun salutes and bells ringing was all part of way back in the day a way of announcing to the public who didn't have access to newspapers or couldn't read the newspapers or hear the announcement a way of announcing that an heir was born. clearly, something for the country to celebrate. and that's part of this tradition that we're seeing and that we've talked about so much throughout, just the birth of an heir and all the tradition that carries on through generations and centuries. and we're seeing part of that play out in london right now. >> isn't that a beautiful -- that is gorgeous, you have to
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admit, that is unbelievable. i can't believe that they are going to ring the bells of westminster abbey for more than three hours today. >> you know, might be a good day to take a day off work is what might be a good suggestion or at least bring your ear plugs to work. everyone we've talked to around here, either going about their business but everyone is clearly aware this is a very special time, and if you weren't excited in the anticipation, everyone's celebrating in the moment of this new royal and heir being born. >> this is just an incredible picture. kate, you stay right there, because i also want to talk to max foster. we can stay on these pictures, though. max, can you hear me? >> yeah, i can. it's fascinating to see this happen. the last time we saw this was for princess eugene, so it's customary for gun salutes at the birth of a prince or princess and what they signify is respect or welcome. this occasion it's both, really,
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respect for the monarchy, because this is a future monarch that's been born, but also welcome because they are coming into the world. there are a complicated set of rules to these gun salutes, and they are practiced to the tee and you can see these guys and girls putting it all into practice. they've been trying very hard to get this exactly right and it's going pretty well. i have to say one other thing, it's not just on land you're seeing these sorts of occasions, out at sea, all the queen's ships, there are many of them, they are all flying the royal enzyme today, as well, in honor of the new royal baby. >> okay. let's talk about that royal baby, because the baby is supposed to pop out with his parents later today. tell us about that. >> well, we were waiting for the moment, weren't we, when we were going to come out on the doorstep and we have been given some guidance from palace sources saying it will happen either tonight or this evening, uk time tomorrow morning. the earliest in four hours'
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time, but certainly within 24 hours. so it is happening. there were some checkups being carried out on the duchess and her new son this morning. was there a delay because of that? not sure. we do know this is a family that's trying to bond. the parents really want to get to know their baby before they come out to the world and certainly, carol, i'd be pretty apprehensive to come out to this barrage of media. i mean, i've never seen anything quite like it. >> there must be hundreds of reporters there. i'm sure there are. back to kate bolduan for just a second. what's the scene like at buckingham palace? i know the queen is still inside. everyone's waiting to hear what the prince's name will be. >> it's all -- it goes from excitement when you get a little tidbit and then goes into anticipation once again. i was actually just looking behind me, they've come and gone. take a look if you can see behind me, carol, you can see the gun salute, some of them walking past right now. they walked past earlier during
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our show as they were heading in to set up. it's really a beautiful sight to see, everything that goes in to celebrating this new royal, the birth of this prince. you can be sure that some day his mother and father will tell him you better appreciate everything that went into this and celebrated you, but here at buckingham palace, ever since i arrived this morning -- you can see the guns back there, if you can see right over the bushes. the crowds are clearly gathering. you can see them all behind me. this is where the gilded easel is announcing the formal announcement announcing the birth of the baby boy. eight pounds, six ounces, and everyone's asking the same question, what is the name of the little prince, what should it be. i think everyone you talk to has a better idea of what the name should be. i'm not good at those guessing games, clearly, because i thought the baby would be a girl. i'm out on that one. it is a fun moment, another hot day in london and there are really torrential downpours, so
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everyone is braving the elements to wait and see the big moment max was talking about, carol, to see the duke and duchess come out on to the steps of st. mary's hospital with their baby boy. it will really give everyone a flashback to the moment 30 years ago when charles and diana did the same thing to introduce the world to prince william. it will be a poignant moment for william himself, but for everyone who's followed his life all along the way. >> i think we have a picture of diana with prince william in her arms. can we put that up for just a second? diana means a lot to people of my age, really could relate to her. you can see there's charles and diana with prince william in e dia diana's arms and how people greeted her after the birth of the baby. we're hoping the royal couple pops out soon, when they do, we'll take you back to st. mary's hospital. kate bolduan, stay there. we're going to get back to you at the bottom of the hour, live
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to dan rivers, he's in bucklebury, possibly the next stop for the family. we're back in a minute.
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checking our top stories at 16 minutes past the hour, a scary moment, a potentially dangerous moment for pope francis in brazil. the pope's driver took a wrong turn and with no uniformed security in sight, a crowd literally surrounded his car. pope francis didn't blink, rolling down the window and kissing a few babies, but security experts were appalled, including former los angeles police chief bill braton. >> i've never seen anything like it in over 40 years in the
6:17 am
business. the thing that you want to not allow to happen at any time in a motorcade is choke points where you are not able to move backwards, forwards, or sideways, and you look at these photos, they are extraordinarily frightening. if this is the best that the brazilian security forces can do for the pope's visit, we want to watch very carefully the next couple of days, because this was an absolute mess. >> to make matters worse, a homemade explosive device was found near a basilica where the pope is expected to speak tomorrow. the device was diffused without incident. a man hunt under way in iraq for hundreds of militants who escaped in a violent breakout. authorities say suicide drivers drove cars into the prison gates while gunmen attacked guards with mortar and rocket propelled grenades. over 500 prisoners are said to have fled the prison. a massachusetts state police sergeant who released this photo without permission is expected to face a private disciplinary
6:18 am
hearing today, but we can't tell you what time, because that information is being kept hush-hush. sergeant sean murray was suspended without pay a day last week as the investigation continues into whether he can keep his job. texas giant roller coaster is still closed while six flags over texas investigates a female rider's death. she died after falling out of her seat. senator ed markey of massachusetts calling for more safety oversight saying, quote, a baby stroller is subject to tougher federal regulation than roller coaster carrying a child in excess of 100 miles per hour. president obama hoping celebs like jennifer hudson, kal penn, and amy poehler can help. 2.7 million young and healthy adults need to sign up for obama care to keep premium costs low
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overall. passengers describe it as a bang and a bounce. their southwest plane was landing at new york's laguardia airport when the front landing gear collapsed. the boeing 737 jet came to a screeching stop after skidding off a runway. 150 people were onboard the plane. ten of them suffered minor injuries. >> sort of came down really fast and kind of steep. then it just sort of banged and then it banged again, then sort of skidded to a stop. it all stopped quicker than you would have thought for as fast as we were going. it stopped pretty quick. >> i knew it was bad when i saw the door open and then when it started filling up with smoke, they passed out wet napkins, paper towels, to put over our nose and mouths. >> poppy harlow joins us live from laguardia where the runway just opened a few hours ago.
6:20 am
good morning, poppy. >> good morning, carol. runway number 4 opened about 7:00 a.m. this morning. very scary. one of the women i spoke with was hospitalized last night because of smoke inhalation, but luckily everyone seems to be doing okay. this was a scary and shocking landing for passengers on flight 345 coming to new york last night from nashville and what makes it scarier is the fact this comes just a few weeks after asiana flight 214 crash landed in san francisco. you can see sparks flying as southwest airlines flight 345 out of nashville lands hard on its nose. >> the nose wheel specifically collapsed. the aircraft skidded down the runway on its nose and then veered off and came to rest in a grass area. >> 150 people aboard evacuated on emergency slides. >> i thought it was just terrible job of the pilot, but i didn't realize what happened until i actually left the plane. >> it was like getting smashed in a car wreck.
6:21 am
>> very chaotic, no one knew what was going on, flight attendants crying. >> these photos obtained exclusively by cnn showed the scene inside the airport lounge where passengers waited hours for luggage from the stranded plane. according to the faa, the plane came safely to a stop at the edge of the runway. no injuries were immediately reported to air traffic control. the faa is investigating. ten nonlife threatening injuries were later reported, but the scare comes on the heels of the crash landing of asiana flight 214 that left three dead at san francisco international airport earlier this month. now images of that plane's interior showed charred seats, an eerie reminder of what can happen. the incident at laguardia closed the airport for incoming flights for just over an hour but caused a ripple effect for flight delays the rest of the night. southwest said in a statement it's cooperating with local authorities and the ntsb has been notified. and one of the passengers that i
6:22 am
spoke with a woman who was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation told me that overall the exit, the emergency exit from the plane, was pretty orderly. she said they weren't on the plane for more than ten minutes before getting on those slides and walking out on to the runway. we know at this hour, carol, that the ntsb is here. we know they are still assessing the incident to decide whether or not to open a formal investigation. the plane has been taken off the runway to a hangar to be investigated and we know that the data recorders have been recovered and sent to the ntsb labs in washington so they can hear from the pilots what was happening when that landing occurred. >> poppy harlow reporting live from laguardia this morning. still in the newsroom, ryan braun suspended, the milwaukee brewer has to walk away for the rest of the season without pay as major league baseball starts handing out penalties in connection with the growing drug scandal.
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suspended for the season.
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former national league mvp ryan braun gets the first punishment in the growing scandal over performance-enhancing drugs. braun will sit for 65 games and the postseason, all without pay. last month an espn report named braun as one of the 20 players linked to a south florida clinic. now the milwaukee brewers outfielder admits, hey, i did make some mistakes. rachel nichols joins us now and -- >> yeah, carol, apparently that mistakes were made refrain of the disgraced politician refers to ballplayers, too. quote, i realize now that i have made some mistakes. this situation has taken a toll on me and my entire family. he added, i wish to apologize to anyone i may have disappointed. all of the baseball fans, especially those in milwaukee, the great brewers organization, and my teammates. now carol, i can tell you that statement didn't do a lot to win over hearts around the sport or among fans. him talking about the toll this
6:27 am
has taken on him, using language that i apologize to anyone i may have disappointed. you've heard me say this before when we talk about disgraced athletes, if you're using the language, that's not a real apology. in fact, it reflects the attitude braun has had since he was first associated with performance-enhancing drugs in 2011. at that time, braun failed a drug test. not only did he not admit it, he went the lance armstrong route, loudly proclaimed his innocence and blamed the test collector at that time. braun succeeded in getting that test thrown out, but he is caught now. there are a lot of people who are angry with him for the arrogant way he's handled it and it's telling here, the major league players' association didn't fight the suspension on braun's behalf. many other players in the league are just as fed up with braun as the public is. >> you know what my favorite part of his statement was -- >> the toll it's taken on him?
6:28 am
>> at the end he said, i can't wait to get back to the game i love. come on, if you loved the game, you wouldn't have cheated. >> absolutely. there's a lot of people around the country frustrated with him and this whole situation. >> so what can we expect next, because there are 19 other players on that list? >> yeah, yankees manager joe girardi said yesterday, quote, i'm tired of steroids. he's certainly not the only one. but there's more coming. you mention the 20 other players who may have been clients of this performance-enhancing clinic, so expect to see more suspensions, including one of girardi's most high profile players, alex rodriguez. officials have been pursuing rodriguez harder than braun because rodriguez has been buying up documents that might incriminate him. a lot of yankees fans and players seem okay with them pursuing him. if the major league baseball association suspends him, yankees don't have to pay him.
6:29 am
if he's guilty, they also support seeing him punished. >> the yankees won't miss him because he hasn't been playing in forever, right, but players like jhonny peralta of the detroit tigers, having a banner season. if he gets suspended for, what, 50 games or more -- >> 50 games is the first offense. the reason braun got 65 games is they've been using the argument that if we had a discussion with you about this previous to this particular moment and you lied to us about it, that's a second offense in and of itself, so the suspensions could be pretty significant here. really baseball showing it is serious about trying to clean up the game, which is a good thing, but in the meantime, the toll it's taking on the game and the fans has been significant. >> yeah, thanks as always. opening bell about to ring, howie mandel is ringing the bell with america's got talent. investors should be at a good, good mood this morning with better than expected corporate
6:30 am
earnings. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning. howie mandel right mind me ringing that opening bell. america's got talent is commemorating its first live show at radio city music hall. yes, it is anothe day, another record. it could be. it is becoming old hat here on wall street. yesterday the s&p 500 made history again, though the dow didn't. company earnings could drive the market higher today. solid numbers coming from dupont and ups actually sent up a red flag warning last week, warning investors earnings aren't going to look so hot, yet they managed to beat wall street estimates, which were lowered estimates. this is the old quarterly earnings illusion, the oldest trick in the book on wall street. you can see the focus turn to apple, which is handing out its report card after the closing bell today, and with the wait comes speculation, will apple do better this time around than the last earnings season when it showed its profits fell for the first time in a decade? wall street is going to look for
6:31 am
reasons to get excited about apple again that's lost half its value since hitting $700 just ten months ago. we are seeing the stock price for apple stabilizing around $430, right now it's at $426. carol? >> we'll see, alison kosik, many thanks. coming up in the "newsroom," a new heir to the british throne. we'll take you live to duchess catherine's hometown where they are celebrating the life of a new prince. ♪
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6:35 am
which as you know by now, was a boy, unless you've been living in a cave. he's now third in line to the british throne. in toronto, one more sign that the world has a new prince, the tower was lit up in blue last night to mark the royal birth. the tower is one of the world's tallest free standing structures. it's a guessing game where they'll spend the first few weeks with the new baby, one possibility is her home village of bucklebury, where we'll find cnn's dan rivers. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning. welcome to bucklebury. i'm standing in front of one of the few pubs that are in the village. this is the cottage inn behind me. you can see it's all decked out in flags and bunting. they are going to have a big party tonight to celebrate the birth of this royal baby. hundreds of people expected here. they are going to have fireworks and food and children's entertainment. this is a pub like some of the others in the area that will and kate have come to in the past, so they do live relatively
6:36 am
normal lives here, believe it or not. they go to the corner store, they go to the local book stores, they hang out in pubs like this, they are seen in the supermarkets, so it's going to be interesting to see if they are going to be able to do that with a baby in tow and all the media interest and so on. we're hoping that they will get some privacy. there's certainly a lot of police presence nearer to the family home, the middleton family home. but at the moment we haven't been told when they are going to come back with the baby. we don't know if they are going first to kensington palace in london and here in a couple weeks. >> that's exciting. you can actually see kate going to get pampers at the local store or whatever your brand of diapers is there in bucklebury, i don't know. thank you very much, dan rivers. >> reporter: that's right. >> go ahead. >> reporter: okay. >> oh, now i've confused dan. dan, thank you so much. we appreciate it it, dan live from bucklebury. more tearful testimony from michael jackson's mother.
6:37 am
she took the stand in her multibillion dollar lawsuit against a concert promoter and endured tough questions about her son's health and his death. we'll take you live to the courthouse next in "the newsroom." are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy!
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tearful testimony from michael jackson's mother katherine. she went back on the stand in her multibillion dollar lawsuit against concert promoter aeg live. she's suing the company for her son's death. cnn's casey lyon live in the courtroom. >> reporter: for weeks we've been told this trial is about who hired conrad murray, who's in jail for giving michael jackson the lethal dose of propofol, but for the last couple of days, all eyes have been on katherine jackson.
6:41 am
michael jackson's mother endured a second day of confrontational questioning from the attorneys of aeg live, w. marvin putnam displayed a letter calling a 2007 magazine report about michael jackson's prescription drug abuse a lie. putnam asked mrs. jackson, was it a lie at the time to say your son had a problem with prescription drugs? she responded, yes, because i didn't know he had a problem. but earlier, katherine jackson admitted attending an attempted family intervention at michael jackson's neverland estate five years earlier. >> she's now looking to blame someone else for the very things she and her family knew, and that's why those questions were asked. >> caller: the jackson family matriarch has appeared confused, tired, and irritated on the stand. >> i think for being as old as she is, 83 years old, i think she did a great job trying to answer the questions.
6:42 am
she didn't remember everything, but i think it was clear what happened. ♪ >> reporter: aeg live, which promoted what was to be michael jackson's big comeback concert series is trying to show it had no way to prevent michael jackson's drug overdose death, when even his own family couldn't. ♪ the trial has been filled with dramatic moments, including intimate home videos of jackson and his children. >> i'm daddy's baby, and i love my daddy. >> reporter: and testimony from paris jackson, who's recovering from a suicide attempt. you have to wonder if this aggressive questioning of katherine jackson by aeg live attorneys could backfire. while they have exposed some inconsistencies in her testimony, there also could be some sympathy from jurors who have seen mrs. jackson needing help getting on and off that witness stand. carol? >> casey wian reporting live from los angeles this morning. what's in a name? well, everything if you happen
6:43 am
to be the child that could one day sit on the british throne. coming up in "the newsroom," a look at some of the names gamblers are betting their money on. play close. good and close. help keep teeth clean and breath fresh with beneful healthy smile snacks. with soft meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture's dental that tastes so good new beneful healthy smile food and snacks
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45 minutes past the hour. time to check our top stories. a federal judge has temporarily blocked north dakota's abortion law, calling part of it, quote, invalid and unconstitutional.
6:46 am
the judge says the law would ban abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy and would prevent 90% of the procedures that the only clinic in north dakota. the state's attorney general says his office will fight the judge's decision. >> the united states could be one step s closer to arming syrian rebels. some in congress were initially worried about how the plan would unfold and which groups would be helped, but house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers says consensus has been reached to move forward with a plan. the post office continues its search to send money and that could mean an end to home delivery. taking its place, mailbox clusters. residents would pick up their own mail from a centralized location. home delivery is the biggest fixed cost, totaling $30 billion. the move could save $4.5 billion every year. talk about getting too close for comfort. these scuba divers off the coast
6:47 am
of central california got a huge surprise when two hump-backed whales surfaced right next to them. the whales, which could weigh up to 80,000 a piece, were coming to the surface to grab fish for dinner. luckily those divers did not wind up being dessert. the prince of cambridge, he's the newest heir to the british throne and well wishers are gathered again outside of buckingham palace, where there's so much excitement about the royal birth. zane is there, too. good morning, zane. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. you know, here we have seen the changing of the guard, but quite frankly, i'd really much rather talk about the changing of the diapers, because i've been out and about and looking for cool stuff being sold around the royal baby, and here's one of them. it's kind of like probably going to start the new fashion for babies after the royal baby's been born with some little military medals here, too, because you know what, baby cambridge is probably going to
6:48 am
be part of the military. and i found the solar powered queen, which basically means if it's sunny, she waves, but i actually broke it. sorry, but she's wearing pink. i'll go out and look for a blue one. then there's this really sweet book called "shhh, don't wake the royal baby." it's fun and a picture of the queen parachuting down with the baby in a pouch. then i bought this for $75, just small change for me because i wanted some cookies, but these were specially for the royal wedding and you can see there's a stroller, otherwise known as a pram here, a little baby rattle, some champagne. i bit the head off that champagne, though. there will be a boost of $300 million to the economy, a little bump, if you will, because of all these souvenirs. >> that is crazy. you know, a lot of people here in the united states are betting on what the baby's name will be. most people think it's, like, going to be george or something like that. >> reporter: george, smorge.
6:49 am
probably will be george or james or phillip or louis or some good traditional name like that, but actually if you look at the betters, this is what they also have, names like kai, mo, sapesan, arsene, titus. the odds are pretty high on that. king titus, i don't know. you know what the highest odds are, carol? >> no. >> it's actually 500:1 on elvis. what do you think? >> that would be great. i thought the prince's name should be prince. >> king elvis of cambridge. >> i thought the prince's name should be prince and they could call him prince prince and king prince. >> good, excellent idea. you're a gambling woman. you can be found on the casino on peach tree. just go and gamble. >> i'm there every afternoon drinking a beer, are you kidding? i can't let you go without talking about how one magazine there is describing the much talked about birth because it's really made us laugh. >> i know. it did.
6:50 am
it's a satire magazine called "private eye" that puts things in perspective. look at the what an amazing feat, at the bottom, right, it says inside in small print and some other stuff, too. zain, we couldn't help but notice during a commercial break you had sunglasses on looking at your cell phone. it reminded us of another famous picture of hillary clinton, you know? we loved that. the reason we did that is because hillary clinton tweeted this morning about the royal baby. she said congratulations across the pond. a bit of advice -- it takes a royal village. so thanks for the laugh. >> are you saying i look like hill? i love that.
6:51 am
>> you're just as powerful. >> and champagne is on its way to you. >> thank you. zain. there's a good reason why george brett and some of his friends from kansas city had a strange look on their faces. it all had to do with a certain baby that was born. ♪ "first day of my life" by bright eyes ♪ you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen.
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6:54 am
ryan braun, punished for his connection to a miami clinic accused of distributing performance-enhancing drugs, now we're hearing from fans getting their take on the former mvp suspension. good morning, jim. >> good morning, ryan braun is the face of the brewers' franchise. if you literally see a sea of ryan braun jerseys. brewers fans have mostly had his back since when he failed the drug test, kind of like giants fans were to barry bonds. they have been the last group as a whole to see the writing on the wall. now that braun has admitted to wrongdoing, fans are beginning to voice their displeasure. >> i didn't have to be a brewer. i can't have been a cub. >> the fact that he didn't tell
6:55 am
the truth, he wasn't forthcoming. >> or cardinals or pirates. >> and, you know, i know how i feel about it. >> no, i chose brewer. >> he's got character. >> check out the text by jason heyward. the mets needed this one -- but hayward comes up with the game-winning catch. jason heyward not typically a center fielder, normally plays right field, but what a catch. >> no worries for him. check out this video. it happened during a college summer league game in missouri. a skydiver misses his mark and smashes boo the back of a baseball player. obviously the baseball player totally unknowingly what's going on. he latered tweeted -- feel like
6:56 am
i got kicked in the face. oh, wait -- now both guys are fine, but i can't say i've ever seen something like that before. >> no. on the heels of yesterday's business royal baby announcement, baseball's kansas city royals want to be the prince's food tester. so current players, and even hall of famer george brett put this audition video together. i love the slow-mo. they tried little jars of chicken and gravy, sweet peas and carrot-flared baby booed, all of in the hopes of landing the job as a food tester. can you imagine, millionaires testing food for a baby. >> the only thing that would make that better is if george brett threw the fit that he did when they -- >> i would like to see george brett in a bib eating baby food in slow motion o. oh, wait, we
6:57 am
did. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a quick break. a, just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before.
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6:59 am
happening now in the newsroom, the buzz over baby. breaking new details this morning direct from the hospital. william and kate and the birth of a prince as the world watches and waits for a name. moment of impact, amazing new
7:00 am
pictures this morning as the plane's landing gear collapses. the fiery crash and terrifying moments, and the question -- what went wrong? and security fiasco. the pope visits a brazil marr r mobbed by a -- and new concerns in a country notorious for crime. is the pope safe? "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello, thanks so much for being with me this morning. so much for the legendary british reserve. from london to liverpool, brits celebrate the birth of a future king. >> just minutes ago, cannons erupted with dozens of
7:01 am
ceremonial shots. 62 rounds at the tower of london. in green park, the king's troops unleashed 41 rounds. max foster is at st. mary's hospital. and we're at buckingham palace. we're getting word that kate middleton's parents may be en route. >> they are, their first official visit. due here in the next few minutes, and a black cab we think, possibly the first family visitors to this royal baby. an exciting moment for them, of course, an exciting moment for kate and william as well, their first sort of showing of the baby to their family. they've had a good period of time on their own. now it's time to present him to the family. so a great deal of excitement here. some suggestion that a different -- we're pretty sure the parents are on their way. earlier on we have some pomp and ceremony around london. a pretty exciting place to be
7:02 am
right now. >> absolutely. such beautiful pictures this morning with the cannons celebrating the birth, and the horses running through green park. unbelievably beautiful. i want to put up a picture of princess diana. they popped out of hospital action and you can see prince charles carrying the baby. there are even bets made here about which royal will be carrying the newborn. >> yeah, exactly, because charles initially held william, and then handed him over to dianswera. i think it will by kate, don't you? i have no basis for that information. >> at some point they're due to come out and show the baby off, right? today? >> yeah. it will be this evening uk time. a for a hours from now or tomorrow morning. i think we will err on the side of today. they have talked about their gratefulness of the hospital
7:03 am
for, you know, housesing them and all of their help and support. they've been under some pressure because of our presence, a huge media presence, so i think if they can get today, you can see michael and carol in the backseat. we don't have -- a huge moment for them, being welcomed by a hospital official. carol middleton coming out first, the mother of kate middle -- they've come up from where the duke and duchess were saying just before the birth of their child. >> you can see them beeming before they went into the hospital. maybe they'll make remarks when they come out. >> yeah, they very rarely speak.
7:04 am
i think it's their policy that they don't speak. often there's been some bad press about carol in particular, and she never, ever responds. they came through the front door, they could have gone through the back door. so it was a statement that actually people are being expected at the hospital now. it's the beginning of the the announcement, and it would be appropriate that the royal family would come and then the couple themselves come out on the doorstep to present themselves to the world. a lovely moment for kate in particular, to have her parents be the first ones of both families to see their first grandchild and the next eyre, you know, after william. >> i know. i would want to see my mom. i would have so many questions for her. max foster, stay right there. thanks so much. if kate's parents pop out and talk, we'll talking back to the hospital. erin, this initial changing of
7:05 am
the guard had a special twist today. >> reporter: that's right, carol. there's a lot going on. earlier today a special edition of the changing of the guard in honor of the royal baby. they played congratulatory music as well as the royal salute. just over that way is a pretty long line, people waiting for quite a while for a chance to see that birth notice still on display near the gates of the palace, and last night buckingham palace was the place to be. people were singing and dancing and toasting the royal baby. hip hip hooray for the future king of england. a crowd of well-wishers celebrated outside the gates, welcoming will and kate's new son. necks crained and cameras at the ready to see a piece of history. >> i remember watching charles and diana getting married as a
7:06 am
teenager. now to see her son have a baby, it's magical. >> reporter: people seem to be equally pleased. >> girls are too much drama. boys are great. >> we love boys, don't we? >> they're part of an impromptu birthday party outside the palace. they're popping champagne at the old pub in buckleberry. >> kate and william, great fabulous news, everyone here is so happy, and good luck to you, and have fun. >> reporter: london's landmark glowing blue paying tribute to the little prince, this as the great guessing game over the baby's name intensified. >> now speculating boys' names action so maim james or al friend. >> what about ethan? >> there won't be an ethan. >> at night, the full moon looked over a city celebrating
7:07 am
the birth of a brand-new baby boy. and of course the party not stopping there. people looking forward to that royal photo op action and then of course the great name debate. people have strong pins. well, we'll wait and see. >> i kind of like harry. errol, you foe, it's easy to get sucked in. erin, i love that story. it made me smile. a cross much of london royal watchers only needed to watch overhead. others tourist attractions like the london eye also bathed in lights, and news of the royal birth rum abled across the far reaches of the former british empire. >> number one -- >> and to new zealand troops fired ceremonial cannons.
7:08 am
new zealand is one of the 15 commonwealth countries that will fall under his gaze. tourists learned in niagara falls when the landmark was bathed in blue. we'll talk to a royal historian and author kate williams. scary moments, potentially dangerous moments for the pope in brazil. pope francis' driver took a wrong turn in rio de janeiro with no uniformed security in sight, throngs of people surrounded the cause. he rolled the window down to kiss a few babies, but security experts were appalled, including the former l.a. police chief bill braxton. >> i've never seen anything like it in 40 years in the business. the thing you want to not allow to happen at any time in a motorcade is choke points where you are not able to move backwards, forward or sideways.
7:09 am
the photos are extraordinarily frightening. if this is the best the brazilian forces can do for the pope's visit, we want to watch carefully. this was an absolute mess. >> a home explores i have been device was found near a basilica where the pope is expected to speak tomorrow. all of this is antigovernment protests go on action fire bombs and tear gas flew at the government palace right after the pope left. several people were arrested. miguel marquez is in rio de janeiro this morning. what's security like now, miguel? >> reporter: well, they're making their final prep. i can tell you the dogs and the security has just swept through the copa cabana beach where the pope will be on friday. there is friday gates off the shore going back and forth to make sure that nothing untoward comes in from sea on this.
7:10 am
the concerns with the car, while seemingly terrible, the pope gets mobbed by people quite often in rome and other places he goes. we just don't often see it. he was also surrounded by the swiss guard in that situation, but clearly an uncomfortable moment. it was a very indicate on theic scene as tens of thousands came out to see the pope. the explosive device was in a bathroom in a parking lot near the shrine the pope will be visiting, but it wasn't -- no area where the pope was expected to go, and still not clear whether it had anything to do with the pope. certainly security here across at the country and certainly here in rio quite high. >> >> one of the things that probe makes it difficult, the pope wants to be able to physically touch people, wants to take the barriers down. sometimes that makes it difficult for people to keep him safe.
7:11 am
>> reporter: yeah, this is the concern. it's not the fully enclosed pope mobile that he on which has in rome. it's sort of half enclosed, and they're bringing babies up to imhad. he went in a very small sort of hatchback car from the airport to downtown. he welcomed tens of thousands of people wo lined the streets downtown. he wants to get out and touch people. there are other protests planned for friday. yesterday's were small in nature. there was a stand joch between several deferral even. because he is so popular, he's taken a lot of the gasp out of those protests, but we'll see if they kick up and guess going again on friday. >> miguel marquez, thank you. tech giant apple ain't what it used to be. it's been nearly a year since apple has released a blockbuster product. so what gives? alison kosik is at the new york
7:12 am
stock exchange. i guess apple is coming out with the watch thing, right? >> that's the rumor, but you know what some analysts are saying? they're calling this quarter a boring quarter, no big splash of a new product to shake things up. the expectation after the closing bell today is that 28% decline in profit on $35 billion in revenue. yes, that's what i said. that's just considered a ho-hum quarter for apple. analysts are also expecting apple sold 30 million iphones, 16 million ipads, but no new news is expected about products. no tv, investors who are looking for a reason to get excited about the stocks probably aren't going to get one. the stock price stabilized. it's down 20% this year so far. that's a long way away from $700
7:13 am
a share where it was just in the fall. as far as stocks go, they charged out of the starting gate. they're can kind of losing steam, though the dow is going for another record high. that closed a record high, those gains are kind of fizzling out. we have solid numbers from dupont, even u.p.s., which had sent up warning signs last week that it would come out with a bad earnings report. itting somed to beat wall street estimates. still quarterly earnings illusion that we like to bring you. >> many thanks. still ahead in the newsroom action a family in need of help after a car crashes and overturns. yes, george zimmerman came to their rescue. we'll tell you about it action after a break.
7:14 am
7:15 am
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7:16 am
you gotta take care of your baby? oh yeah! peengs describe it as a bang and a bounce. the southwest airlines plane was landing at laguardia when the front landon gear collapsed. the jet came to a stop after
7:17 am
skitting off a runway. 150 people were aboard that plane, ten suffered minor injuries. >> it stopped pretty quick. >> i knew it was bad. and then when it started filling up with smoke, they passed out wet napkins action paper towels to put over our nose and mouth. >> wow, the damaged jet was taken to a hangar on a flatbed truck. the runway is back open this morning. flight data recorders are heading to washington for analysis. texas giant roller coaster is still closed.
7:18 am
tuz senator ed markey is now calling for more safety oversight. than a roller coaster in excess of 100 miles an hour. he's already been suspended for a day. a huge show of support for murphy. some famous faces could lend a hand. jennifer hudson, cal pen, all part of a meeting, rather, at the white house. the administration says at least 2.7 million young and healthy adults need to sign up for obama care to keep premium costs low overall. george zimmerman has been in hiding since a jury found him
7:19 am
not guilty, but four days later, please say he emerged from hiding and helped rescue just a mile from where martin was shot. victor blackwell was in sanford this morning. tell us more. >> reporter: carol no one was sure where george zimmerman was after the acquittal, was he in sanford? it turns out wednesday at least yes, he was in the area. the sheriff's office is not calling him a hero, but they are saying he was in the right place at the right time. >> i just witnessed an accident on the off-ramp, coming off the 417 to get on to i-4. >> 5:ha wednesday evening, a blue suv is driving onto the highway, but he rolls. >> looks -- the vehicle was still there, on its side. >> a glad action mirror, a floor
7:20 am
mad. .parents and the two children were outside safely action because two people stopped to help. all of this happened less than a mile from where he shot trayvon martin. >> the story of zimmerman the rescuer was met with skepticism. >> that's one of the silliest stuff i have ever seen action to validate a murderer i think is wrong. >> reporter: organizers have been -- >> if we lose what trayvon has brought us together to do, we will lose -- we cannot wait until february and wait just for the legislators, for our governors to possibly veto this. we need to do this ourselves. >> reporter: after days of
7:21 am
protests and rallies across the country calling for several civil rights charges, the sanford police department has been handed its evidence and files over to the department of justice. as for zimmerman this was a brief moment in the spotlight. presumably he's now back in hiding. >> well, here's some good news, the family, their parents and two kids, are safe. the important question here, i guess, one of the questions is, why did it take so long for this to come out? no answer from the sheriff's department here we did reap out to the defense team and ask they met with zimmerman since the crash, and he didn't mention a word about it. victor, thank you. cnn's anderson cooper will
7:22 am
continue his look at justice, join anderson tonight for a special town hall at 10:00 p.m. eastern. coming up in the cnn newsroom, the mayor of san diego finds himself at the center of a sexual harassment case. he's facing calls for his resignation, you cannot believe what he's alleged to have -- anyway, you've got to hear this story. we'll be right back. sfwhoo our function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪
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7:25 am
. if the allegations are true, it's hard to believe anyone, let alone a mayor would be so over at his inappropriate use of language. yes, it's tough sometimes to determine what constitute sexual harassment, but in the allegations against the mayor are true, the, an example, he allegedly told a female employees, i'm infatuated with you. when are you going to get naked? how is the mayor defending himself? >> reporter: he says he's
7:26 am
saddened by the allegations and is promising to fight on, even though there's a brand-new lawsuit. >> he asked me to work without my underwear. >> irene mccormick jackson is coming forward with graphic allegations. she says working at the mayor's xun indications director was the worst six months of her entire career. >> i was placed in the headlock and moved around as he whispered sexual comments in my ear. >> mccormick jackson is the first alleged victim to show her face in a scandal that surfaced nearly two weeks ago when a former city councilwoman said she had evidence that filner engaged in inappropriate behavior. the mayor's office declined our request for an interview, but in a statement, filner says, quote, i do not believe they see claims
7:27 am
are valid. i intend to defend myself vigorously and i know that justice will prepail. just last week he posted this video, acknowledging he needed help. >> i'm embarrassed to admit i have fully failed to respect the women who work for me and with me. >> the fight goes on, with growing calls for his resignation. >> this is not a partisan thing, but a right and wrong thing. >> reporter: the bottom line, what do you want to happen? >> the mayor needs to resign, immediately. we could be america's finest city with america's worst mayor. >> he is not fit to be mayor of our great city railroad carol, it is definitely important to point out although he's relatively new to the mayor's office, he's no stranger to politics. he served as a congressman for five terms.
7:28 am
>> he's never been accused of this before? his comments are so out there, like these women say, you would have -- i know the sheriff's department is reaching out to accusers, so tell us about that side of the story. >> reporter: so the sheriff's department decided to open up a hotline, it's an anonymous hotline where people can call in and basically talk about any claims they might have of sexual harassment, so far we've heard from the sheriff's department spokeswoman that they have received calls, though they haven't given us a specific number quite yet. >> thank you so much for the report. coming up in the newsroom action duchess catherine and the late princess diana have been compared to one another on many occasions. it's no different when it comes to how kate will race her new baby. ♪
7:29 am
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7:32 am
good morning, thank you at:31 past the hour, a manhunt under way in iraq for hundreds of militants who escaped from the abu ghraib prison in a violent breakout. authorities say suicide bombers drove cars into the prison gates. they expect to have escaped president prison. a new assessment of just how much damage nsa leak are edward snowden inflicted, cnn has learned that intel leaders have learned that the american did not get his hands so the so-called grand jewels. and he's still holed up in the transit area. katherine jackson went back on the stand in the multimillion dollar lawsuit. during her testimony, attorneys
7:33 am
pressed her on whether she knew if michael jackson was dealing with a prescription drug problem. they also introduced a letter signed by her where she called a 2007 magazine report a lie. court resumes today 12:30 eastern. talk about too close for comfort. 1 when two what else surfaced right next to them. they were quickly coming to the service to grab those delicious fish for dinner. luckily the divers did not wind of being their dessert. kate middleton's parents are not visiting with their daughter, son-in-law and new grandchild. they arrived just a short time ago when the duchess of cam bring gave birth to an 8-pound baby boy. you can see them coming out of the car.
7:34 am
there's mom carol, and dad michael. they shook hands and smiled at the reporters, but they said nothing. they went in the hospital to visit their family. in many ways kate middleton has been compared to the mother-in-law she will never get to meeting right down to her pregnancy. kate bolduan takes a look. >> reporter: no doubt many were flashing back to june of 1982 when princess diana introduced the world to baby prince william for the first time. when this framed birth announcement was placed on a gilded easel, their tiny new addition became part of a family full of long-standing traditions, like that easel. it's the same one that boar the announcement of prince william 31 years ago, and the hospital. dozens of news organizations have been staked outside the lindo wing for a week. >> the same place princess diana
7:35 am
gave birth to prince william. >> was great is kate and will are upholding tradition with the bhirt of that i baby boy. they bond went to the same hospital wing, so we're sealing them following tradition. every moment was screened. >> they were starting trends. whatever they wore, other people followed suit. whether it was diana or kate, those dresses sold out. so will kate mirror diana? the new baby prince will be raised in the same hopped where william and harry grew up. many royal experts believe that kate will try to give her child the same sense of normalcy that diana also strived for. >> we're going to probably see them take baby on officials tours, the same way, very much a hands-on mom. they'll be a united front in terms of a family. so many similarities between
7:36 am
kate and diana. i'm joined by royal historian kate williams. good morning. >> he there. good morning to you. how are you? >> i'm great. i'm happy along with all of britain. it's funny we always mention kate middleton, but never mention the father, aspirin william, and the parallels that may or may not be drawn to his father, prince charles. >> reporter: yes, prince william very eager to be a hands-on father. he loved his mother, she was devoted, create i have been, imaginative, a very young woman action and simply fantastic at being a mother. and charles was a bit more restrained, but he tried to get into the idea of the childhood the william wants to follow both of them. and also a little more restrained, what william wants
7:37 am
most of all is to absolutely give his children the life that kate had. we see that as the normal british life, the local schools, sleepovers, running around in the garden, that's what he wants. whether or not he'll get it is a different question. >> i hope they do. it's interesting when we see the pictures of princess diana with the kids, only diana was seen with them. it will be interesting to see if prince william par takes in these kinds of things, along with kate and his son. i don't think kate can hear me anymore. can you hear me? you want to break away for a second? we're going to go to a break. we'll be back -- is she okay now? no, she's gone. okay. we'll be back. sorry. hey linda!
7:38 am
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7:41 am
the waiting game continues for convicted robber o.j. simpson. in 2008, the former football player and actor was sentenced to prison for his role in a las vegas armed robbery. two months ago he testified as an appeals hearing. at any time he could learn if he could get a new trial and possibly win back his freedom. ted rowlands is in las vegas to tell us more. >> reporter: good morning, carol. a motion for a new trial is most times a long shot, but his attorneys believe he has a real chance. >> any weapons being displayed? >> reporter: after almost five years, there's a chance he may soon be a free man. >> i have a really good feeling. i will be so disappointed if we
7:42 am
don't get release. >> reporter: simpson's attorney generals believe the evidence they offered during a week-long hearing warrants a new trial for simpson, who is currently serving a 33-year sentence for his role in what prosecutors say was an armed robbery and kidnapping over sports memorabilia. simpson's attorneys believes that o.j.'s lawyer at trial had a conflict of interest, and they think the murders of simpson's wife nicole and ron goldman also influenced the trial in las vegas. obviously it did. the state kept mentioning the goldman name. >> the before and after pictures show how much of a toll prison has taken. there is speculation that simpson is ill, but his attorneys sea he's fine. >> my opinion is every one year in prison takes an additional seven off your life.
7:43 am
>> reporter: there's also speculation that simpson seen here in "naked gun" wants to revive his acting career. his pension reserves are gone, spent on the defense team. his attorneys think if he gets out. o.j. simpson will do his best to stay clear of the limelight. carol, if he gets a new trial, he'll likely be released, because the odds of clark county of retrying him and getting the same results are astro nominal. if he gets the free trial, it's like -- >> if he does get out, what does he do for money? >> well, he's going to need support or a job. both will be difficult, and quite frankly the easy money would be to grant a paid interview or something crazy like a reality show action but his lawyers believe he would rather spend time with family
7:44 am
and be out of the limelight, but he's going to need some cash. >> ted rowlands, thank you. . market is slowly recovers, gull guess what? house flipping is making a comeback. we'll talk about that with alison at the stokes. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
7:45 am
♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪
7:46 am
time to check our top stories.
7:47 am
a federal judge has temporarily blocked north dakota's abortion law calling part of the law unconstitutional. the judge says it would prevent 90% of the procedures at the only clinic in north dakota. the state's attorney general says it will fight the judge's decision. this was a scene at a queens where eliot spitzer met the people he hoped would put him back in office. it came with the relose of a new ad. >> look, i failed big time. i hurt a lot of people. spitzer is referring to pay the prostitutes for sex, a scandal that forced him to resign. he is currently seeking the democratic nomination for comptroller. in sports, former national league mvp ryan braun is
7:48 am
suspended for the rest of the season without pay. he will miss the final 65 games this year and the playoffs for violating major league baseball's drug policy. he's one of 20 players linked by espn to a south florida drug clinic. he admits to making some mistakes. taco bell is ditching the kids' meals. the ceo says the company's future is focusing on millennials. commuters in japan jump into action to save -- had fallen in a small gap. dozens of people pushed the train away from the platform in order for her to escape. >> translator: who would imagine they would fall and get stuck somewhere so narrow. >> translator: but everyone saved her, right? that's wonderful.
7:49 am
>> translator: yes, wonderful. >> the woman was not seriously injured and the train was in service ten minutes later. guess what? house flipping is back, thanks to recovering housing market and low interest rates, investors have resumed buying a property, fixing them up and selling them quickly. alison kosik -- i don't know whether to be happy or frightened by this. >> no, it's a good thing as long as a bubble doesn't form like we saw happen just before the recession hit. the in facts are out, showing the homes bought and resold within six months is up 19% in the first half of this years, that adds up to more than 130,000 homes flipped in the first six months. if you're wondering why this comeback? home prices are rebounding. of course, if you can stomach it in. in 2011, we saw the average house flipper lose more than 13,000 in their deals, and you see the profits coming back.
7:50 am
so where are some of the best places to flip homes? some of the most profitable markets are right in -- omaha and pittsburgh are also hot spots for flippers, and everybody wonders what makes it a good market? you want to be the home price recovery there not very strong, you want to see still foreclosures there, distressed properties for sales, because as an investor, but you look at big cities, they actually had the most total flips, carol, because it's all about demand, and everybody wants to live in the big cities where the prices are really, really high. >> i know. what's kind of sad about there, people buying the houses are swrestors, not visit home buyers, so the investors, they're the ones making the money. >> of course, you know action if you're an investor flipping a
7:51 am
home, you're out there to make a big buck, but you look at the interest rates, though they have been moving up lately, interest rates are still at historic lows, so you are still seeing the average joe get out there and try to find a house. the big problem is the given torrie wasn't as large as it was, say, a year ago. >> alison kosik, thanks so much. just ahead in the newsroom, the london blitz. >> it's a boy. >> a big bouncing boy. >> royal baby time. the prince and jeanne moos looks at how a baby monarch has ruled all of us. all business purchases. so you can capture your receipts, and manage them online with jot, the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork.
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and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month.
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i'm going to miss that music when we don't play it any more, which is probably tomorrow. this is where kate and prince william and little baby prince are staying. about a half hour or so ago, kate middleton's parents came to the hospital, carol and michael middleton. they're inside the hospital room, getting acquainted with the new grandson. if they pop out at any time, of course we'll take you back to citi mary's live. it has been a couple frenzied days. jeanne moos looks at the highs, low and his tieria of the baby
7:55 am
watch. >> reporter: the duchess may have delivered the baby, but the news was delivered mostly via smartphone. >> safely delivered of a son. >> appeared prompting confusion. >> breaking news, from london. >> reporter: the baby came, but not the reporter. >> the crowd surging forward -- it's a boy. >> a big bouncing boyivities it's royal baby time. >> i just got goosebumps. >> what must have been a labor of love was downright laborious for the press, days of waiting, then finally. >> kate's in labor, kate's in labor. >> she's in labor. >> good morning. she's in labor. some thought the press belabored
7:56 am
the story and hailed a bbc correspondent. >> none of it news, because that will come from buckingham palace, but that won't stop us. >> reporter: "the guardian" allowed readers to get rid of the baby news with merely a click of the mouse. >> kate did go into labor during a full moon. >> we're looking live at a door. >> of course fakes twitter accounts. my first crowning is not going as smoothly as i'd like, and jokes making fun of the jokes. i don't find these royal baby joins very funny. maybe it's just the delivery. even photographers hundred joke notes on their wall of ladders outside the hospital. postpartum ladder sale. royal baby trivia was truly trivial.
7:57 am
>> royal baby to use disposable diapers, and -- this -- how could you have lived without knowing this? i have more, but i -- >> forget having a boy or girl. >> i'm hoping like the shell game of throne that she has a dragon. >> first of a royal dragon would have been news. jeanne moos, cnn. that would have been awesome. c'mon, it's been fun, admit it. thank you for joining mess today. cnn's "newsroom" continuing right after this.
7:58 am
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hello, everyone. i'm pamela brown in for ashleigh banfield on this tuesday morning. the career of the cop who released graphic photos of the bomber is on the line this hour. shawn murphy, acting without permission, handed out these pictures of dzhokhar tsarnaev. his face is smeared with blood, and according to boston magazine, murphy took the action, because he felt this action was an insult to e

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